Aimed at meeting clients' requirement, decreasing unit energy consuming and improving environment, we dedicate in R&D and promotion of kinds of Nano Ceramic Protection Membrane, and improving security, function and effects of products. We hope to serve clients with our talents, good products and innovative solving plans, and do our best to become the most valuable and cherished technical creative company in field of refractory protecting products.


Antioxidant Ceramic Membrane for Graphite Electrode:
Antioxidant Impregnant
Antioxidant Coating

Antioxidant Ceramic Membrane for Carbon-Containing Refractories:
Antioxidant protecting coating and pasters for carbon-containing refractory bricks (Manesia Carbon Brick, Aluminum Carbon Brick, Calcium Carbon Brick)
Antioxidant protecting coating and pasters for Gate Brick and Sliding Brick
Antioxidant protecting coating and pasters for Graphite (Silicon Carbide) crucible

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