·Antioxidant Impregnating Solution (Coating, Paster) for Graphite Electrode
  ·Antioxidant Protecting Solution(or Membrane) for Carbon-Containing Refractories

Products name: Antioxidant Protecting Solution(or Membrane) for Carbon-Containing Refractories    Product No.: N2007716163553    Times: 840  

1. Antioxidant protection for fired bricks or non-fired refractory bricks both made of aluminum-carbon, magnesium-carbon, calcium-carbon, or zirconate.
2. Antioxidant protection for special refractories such as Gate Bricks and Sliding Bricks
3.Antioxidant protection of parts for valuable metal smelting and casting, such as Graphite Silicon Carbide Crucible and crystallizer.

Product Features: The oxidation rate of carbon in refractories could be lowered by over 90% in 750-1550℃.Membraned layer has good thermal shock stability, which never cracks or breaks off when quenching, highly erosion-resistant and scouring-resitant.

Temperature Scope: 750—1550℃

Usage: Operate by coating, spraying or membrane-adhering. The protection layer is 0.1-0.3mm in thickness. Dry by baking or naturally. The product can also be fired at 600℃ to improve its appearance.

Appearance: Black viscous fluid (waterborne), Black Membraned Paster

Preservation Period: 3-6 months

Packaging Spec: 20kg/bucket or 1 sqm/sheet (Dimension of each sheet is in discussion)
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